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Yeay! I finally have a Blog!

I've been wanting to have a Blog for so long, maybe a few years now, but because I've been so, so busy, which is such an amazing blessing by the way, I had no time to start one.

But I think things happen for a reason, and this, my very 1st post will be so special.

I think I could not have started blogging at more perfect time!

I began 2016 with a gorgeous ring on my finger! Yes! Just like you, I'm also engaged!!!

At last, I found my true love, my soulmate!

I'm one of you girls now! lol I have a Fianceé! I'm a Future Bride! I'm checking out vendors!

I'm planning my Wedding! I'm soon to be a Mrs.! I've been trying out Wedding Gowns! Wohoooooo!!!! and just like you, I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with The One I Love!

We have sooo many things in common now! And perhaps you are wondering...

"Who's going to photograph my own Wedding? lol

Well, I'm blessed to have great friends, more like family, that will be such special part of my wedding day. My professor Mr. Glenn, who I call to do my weddings and events, when we are double(sometimes triple) booked, is coming with his lovely wife, to photograph my wedding! So grateful to have such special people in my life!

And just so you know...we are having a Destination Wedding!

So I hope to meet you soon, my fellow Brides, so we can chit-chat all about our Extra Special, Most Desired, finally awaited, Big Day! :)


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