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We started 2019 Awesome! Gorgeous Wedding at Flamingo Gardens

Xmas passed by and together with dear family and friends, delish food and tons of fireworks, we welcomed the new year...and just like that, we started 2019

And this January couldn't had been more generous, both in my personal life and my business life.

One of my resolutions was to enjoy the present more, so I'll be traveling to 5 different spots this year. Traveling its something that I loooooove to do, and I can't wait for my 1st trip to Peru in 2 weeks! While I'm not traveling with Hubby this time, its always much fun to do a girls trip., you know?...And the last time I did a Mom+Daughter trip was about 5 years ago, so we were due already! If you didn't know, my mom is my bestie.-and so are my 2 sisters :)

Then on my biz life, one of my resolution's was to present my work to social platforms...and guess what? We got published in the UK for this amazing blog, called "The Outside Bride".-which its dedicated to weddings + couples who love the outdoors and are getting married surrounded by nature...Which is totally me, by the way...As I also got married under a huge, beautiful tree in the countryside near Savannah, GA.

The article was for Eileen + Gio.- 2 high school sweethearts who got recently married at the at the gorgeous Flamingo Gardens. So if you are planning to say I DO there or have a similar idea in mind, please click here to read their beautiful story and get all inspired!

Another awesome thing that happened this month, its that we got voted Best of Weddings by The Knot! Such an amazing and exciting moment to say the least!

Last but not least, we booked a couple of weddings for 2020 already! So exciting!!!!

Hope you have also started a great year, my friend.- with lots of Positivity, Productivity, Love, Joy, Health + Peace!

Until next time,

Andrea :)

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