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Hello Spring! Thoughts from a Photographer in Fort Lauderdale, FL

OMG! I really can't believe we are halfway through April.- Can you?

My intention of writing every month in this blog did not happen. I seriously feel like I've failed a promise I made to noone else, but myself. And being that person that does not believe in excuses, it just feels even worst :/

But the truth, friend, its that in February, I was completing many deadlines before my trip to Peru on Feb. 15th.-which was half work, half vacay. (I got to do a beautiful private wedding and some family portraits). And in March, I continued working on more deadlines, so that all jobs can be delivered on time as promised.

Here are some pics from my Trip...But I must warn you...There's lots of amazing food! lol

(So don't read this post with an empty stomach, ok? lol)

Plus, I was able to see family and friends there, while eating soooooo many goodies and enjoyed lots of gorgeous sight-seeings, my eyes were so in love!

Ceviche Mixto(With all seafood) or Cevichito as I always call it :) - Lima, Peru

Enjoying the Beach - Pacific Ocean, Lima, Peru

Garlic Crusted Fish(I looooooove garlic!) and a Healthy Salad...Oh, and check out the size of the Peruvian Corn! Its 4x the size of our corn here in the U.S. - Lima, Peru

Beautiful Sunset in the Pacific Ocean - Lima, Peru

Desert and Water, together - Pacific Ocean, Lima, Peru

OMG, I love SWEETS!!! My delish strawberry tart from the German Bakery. All handmade, of course! - Lima, Peru

Walking down through Ancient History at Huaca Huallamarca - Lima, Peru

See the buildings right behind this place?...Its surreal to see Modern Civilization just a few steps away!

Ceviche de Pescado (Fish Ceviche...Check out this unique presentation!) and in the far end, Conchitas a la Chalaca (Clams with Typical Peruvian Mini Salad in top)

Oh my! I looooooove ethnic, handmade, one of a kind stuff. Here with my dear Mom, doing some shopping in Downtown Lima...Because a trip is not complete if you don't do a lil shoping , right? LOL :)

So after all, even if I feel like I failed at not being able to blog for 2 months straight...I also feel like a champ...I will give myself that well-deserved pad on the back for always turning in jobs ON time.-as usual. My clients are happy, and this to me matters soooooooooo much...and I got to enjoy myself while in Peru.-Its a win-win...I'm starting to feel happy all over again :)

Sometimes we are too harsh on ourselves, including myself...I posted on my IG today a really fun video while I was at the Beach in Peru...(Did you see it? Did it make you laugh? Hope it did!) and these are the moments I gotta remember more of...To Live More in the Present...To Live a Little More...And don't be such a workaholic or judge myself too much for little things as not being able to write on my blog, as I would have liked to...and most importantly, BE THANKFUL.

With that being said...I'm extremely grateful for this month, which has been amazing and so exciting! Early this month, I did a magical engagement session for an awesome couple at 2 new cool places. (And OMG, I LOVE new locations to photograph!) Today I did a Bar Mitzvah for such a fun and sweet gentleman, as Mel turns 83 yrs. old.... and Sunday, I'll be doing a gorgeous Wedding at one of my fave parks.

Plus, its so much fun meeting new couples and people, who share many of the same interests I have...It's like making new friends, as I get to take they pics!

Now, you know how much I loooooooove my Photography Art and photographing amazing people, its like having a cherry in top of the ice-cream!

While I don't have today's pics with Melvin yet, I do have a pic of Rebecca and Tony, that I'd love to share with you. They are the awesome couple I did their e-session at the beginning of this month.

Tomorrow I'll start to pack for my trip to Punta Cana in early May...We are only 3 wks away, but I take forever to pack...This earring set with this dress, this bracelet with this outfit...Yes...that's me! lol Do you do the same? I know I'm not the only one out there! lol

Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend, friend!

Andrea :)

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