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Engagement Photos at Victoria Park

For those of you who know me, even a lil bit, you know that I'm completely, insanely, madly in love with Historic Locations and Gardens...And if these 2 are combined into one, I feel like a little kid in Disney or a Candy Shop, 10x more!

One of the reasons why I think I feel this way, its because both of my parents love these places too. Actually, my whole family has this thing with rustic stuff. The older or more beat up it is, the most precious it looks. Yet, we also appreciate a certain amount of glam and elegance.

So when Greg and I went to visit Savannah about 6 years ago...I fell hopeless in love with this magical city. Now, I've lived in Peru, San Francisco and of course, my beloved South Florida...and have visited many cities and countries too, but Savannah has just this charm to it, that its unlike any other cities I have ever been. My 2nd love is St. Augustine, but that I'll save for another story in my Blog. lol

Early this year, I met Rebecca, her fiancee Tony and their pup Norman. They really are the cutest family and Norman has so much love to give. The first time I met this adorbs Boston Terrier, he game me a few kisses and we became instant friends :)

Rebecca was looking online for pics of her venue, Flamingo Gardens...And as she looked online, this blog from the "The Outside Bride" (London) popped. It featured one of my beautiful weddings I did at the gardens last year. Rebecca fell in love with my style and photos. She later told me on the phone that when she saw my pics, she asked herself "Who is this photographer? I have to contact her"...And so she did. We scheduled a phone call, but before we chatted, she was going through her venue's Preferred Vendors List and to her surprise, she saw my name once again.

When we talked on the phone, I told her that us connecting was meant to be, and she couldn't agree any more...You see, I don't believe in coincidences...I believe things happen for a reason...People meet for a reason...

And the more I talked to Rebecca, the more I realized she reminded of myself. Super detailed, so positive and down-to-earth. She also plans ahead and is so organized. Her wedding is going to be just like my wedding was...rustic, romantic, chic...and her wedding colors are my fave colors too, which I included on my wedding as well.

Plus, her and Tony also love Stranger Things! Come one...I'm obsessed with this show!

So at the beginning of this month, we finally met for their engagement session. Rebecca looked so gorgeous on this delicate ivory lace dress and Tony looked very handsome too, wearing a navy blue and grey outfit. I was super thrilled to shoot at the location they chose... I didn't even know it existed and I always get so excited for new locations...

The moss trees, the houses, the architecture, the charm...It all reminded me of my beloved Savannah, yet I couldn't believe I was in South Florida.

Rebecca and Tony were enjoying their session very much, but I think I was enjoying it even more! lol This magical place is now at the top of my list! You can see the gorgeousness above, from an image in my camera's preview.

The couple also took advantage of doing a 2nd session that day at another place, Stache, which I had never photographed at, but had been there for pure fun with Hubby and friends. They changed their outfit to match this place that has this vintage, glamorous, speak-easy type of vibe...The photos I took there are so cool too!

We had a great, fun time together and can't wait to finish their art work.

I know they are going to love it and cherish it always! :)

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