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1st Giveaway! Surprise Goodie Bag

May its my fave month! Its my Parents Anniversary and its My Birthday, so let's get ready to Celebrate! :)

If you are one of my previous or new wedding couples, all you have to do its write me a review. You can enter 1 or up to 4 Reviews. The more reviews, the more chances to win!

(You and hubby can write a Review each on both platforms). Feel free to copy+paste that same review you did and submit on the other site. However, Hubby has to write his own.

(Can't enter 4 reviews exactly the same)

Here are the direct links:



TIPS: Having Writer's Block?

1. What were your first thoughts when you received your work?

2. What made you choose us over another vendor?

3. Did you enjoy working with us?

4. How do you rate our work and service?

5. Will you recommend us to your friends?

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