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Elegant Wedding at Doral Park Country Club

They say, long distance romances are hard to keep alive, but when there's true and profound love, LOVE wins and conquers it all!

Ashley contacted me for her big day by email first, as I was recommended by their wedding venue:

The beautiful Doral Park Country Club. I've been photographing gorgeous weddings here for a long time now...10 yrs. to be exact and I love it!

The unique architecture at Doral Park is simply amazing! You have a little bit of all:

An elegant entrance with a historic touch, a gorgeous lake area to host your wedding ceremony and a stylish reception area (with a real big, spacious dance floor) to dance the night away!

And the food and its presentation...My gosh! So delish + beautiful always!

Ashley and I later had a real nice chat on the phone and that's when she told me a bit more of their wedding, their life, including the fact that her fiancee Julio was living in Miami, while she was living in Orlando, finishing school.

Since they are one of my "Fine Art Collection" couples and Valentine's Day was also approaching, I asked Ashley a couple of silly questions about where did Julio lived and worked by.

Little did she know that a few days later, I will meet with Julio and give him a Surprise Valentine's Goodie Gift Box for both, since Julio was driving up to Orlando that weekend to meet his sweetheart, Ashley.

They both were so delighted and I was so happy, I was able to make their Valentine's extra sweeter...

I should mention that these two, loooove sugar as much as I do! Lol

The wedding day finally came by and we were all praying for a miracle: a sunny day!

Because the whole week, it had been raining like crazy and it was supposed to rain that day too.

But when you have faith and tons of positive vibes, God heard all of our prayers and these 2 lovebirds had the outdoor wedding day of their dreams!

I started with Ashley's Bridal Prep at her Grandpa's home. This was the first time Ashley and I will meet in person. The bride looked absolutely stunning, plus she was so nice and sweet.

Her Grandpa's wife had decorated her room so magically, which even had a delish array of sweets and goodies on the dresser, just for her.

Since I'm always creating new shots for the bride's wedding gown...I had to take a shot of her gorgeous dress by the Rolls Royce, which awaited for her at the entrance of the Home.

In the meantime, Mr. Jim, my friend and Photographer, was taking some cool shots for Julio and his family and friends at Doral Park Country Club already. Its only fair to have a Groom's Prep as well, right? lol I've been told there are many lovely photos by the beautiful lake, which I'm sure Ashley and Julio will love!

When I got to the venue, I went to the lake area where the ceremony was going to be held and it looked so amazing! The gazebo looked magical, to say the least!...It had a white chiffon and beautiful flowers in deep red and light pink colors. Ashley loves the color red and she had a red rose bouquet, which was made with much love by her Mother-in-law.

The ceremony started with romantic violin music and the perfect, serene background of the lake, which was breathtaking. Tears of joy, laughter and smiles, were all part of this ceremony of love. The groom surprised his bride, with a the sweetest of gestures, which had her drop more tears of joy as he handed to her this one-of-a-kind glass curio, in which it had all the roses from the time Julio proposed to Ashley. Now it gets even more romantic...They got engaged on their 5-year anniversary: September 15, 2018, which happens to be 2 days before my own Wedding Anniversary.

A cocktail followed the ceremony, as I stole the new Mr. and Mrs. for many gorgeous, Bridal Portraits at the elegant entrance that Doral Park is well known for. We also did many wonderful shots with their family, which I'm sure everyone will love to see, when I present them with their Gorgeous Wedding Collection, once ready.

(These photos are screenshots from my camera's screen)

The night was falling and it was time to party! The reception looked truly spectacular, with beautiful flower arrangements, lots of candles and lavender background lights.

This couple loves to travel, so they incorporated a special photo from their trips as part of their table centerpieces decor.

A wedding day without rain and plenty of love and fun, will be forever cherished in the hearts of this Bride and Groom and their families and friends.

For this couple, who shares a sincere, respectful, loving and fun relationship...

Who are the best of best friends and who have Christ as a very important person in their lives,

I wish them much love and all the blessings on their new life, together as ONE.

Congratulations to the Newlyweds!

Andrea :)

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