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Magical Engagement Session at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

When it comes to Historic Places, my heart just pauses with that OMG feeling, then it starts beating really fast. I'm completely in love with places full of history and unique, rich architecture, as you may know already by now, and if they have beautiful gardens, say no more!

That's why when Jessica first told me, her wedding will be next year at The Ancient Spanish Monastery in North Miami Beach, FL and that she wanted Engagement Photos at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, my heart did a happy, lil dance, as I absolutely love to photograph at these 2 magical places. No matter how many times I go to there (And I've been there quite a bit. lol), its always a new adventure! Each couple, their engagement session and wedding is very special to me.

They are one-of-a-kind and I love that!

Since I had never met this couple in person, I was very excited to meet them for their Engagement Session this past July 10th. Jessica looked beautiful with this long, flowwy golden/tan dress and Eric looked very handsome wearing a white long sleeve shirt and dark grey pants.

I immediately noticed how easy going and fun they are, and how they had a smile on their face at all times! (No wonder they love to watch comedies!) You could feel all that love surrounding them.- it was beautiful!

As we chatted, we noticed we had more in common than what we thought...

Not only they also appreciate and love historic places like me, but are also avid travelers, nature lovers and foodies. Jessica and I both have Asian background and Eric is from Spain, just like my brother-in-law. They also share one of my weaknesses: cookies and chocolates! Lol

We had gorgeous weather that day for photos and while it was hot, it was very breezy, and that felt soooo nice! When shooting at Vizcaya, I offer my couples 2 types of sessions: The popular places or the very rare, hidden ones, and Jessica and Eric chose my fave and popular spots at Vizcaya, so we went to each little area to capture gorgeous memories for them.

This awesome couple, who also loves dogs and has 2 fur babies, just got engaged 2 months ago! When I asked Jessica how did they meet, I thought it was a very unique and funny way how it happened....

Mutual friends had actually set them up on a dating app, just for fun, more like a joke, but little did they know that these 2 were going to connect soooooo well!

A little over 5 yrs. later, Eric proposed at a very special place: Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, CA.

And why is it so special? Because when they first started traveling as a couple, they stayed there and they loved its 1880's historic charm and magnificent sunset views.

(See how amazing this place is on the pics bellow!)

Many of our past U.S. Presidents and celebrities, like Marilyn Monroe, also loved spending time in this famous and legendary hotel.

Now the story says that when Jessica and Eric were staying at Hotel Del Coronado, they witnessed a couple getting engaged in a gorgeous area, where the sunset sets beautifully. So Eric actually kid around with his sweetie Jessica, and said that if in 5 yrs. they would come back to Del Coronado, he'll just have to pop the question too and so he did, with that breathtaking sunset view they both loved so much.

I can't wait to present these lovebirds their gorge Engagement Session Photos and be part of their elegant and romantic wedding next May 2020. I know it will be beyond words! :)

Bellow a pic of us 3, right after we finished their e-session at Vizcaya.....Congrats to this sweet couple!!! :)

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