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Intimate Wedding at Tree Tops Park in Davie, FL

Intimate Wedding at an Enchanted Place...

A few weeks ago, Patrick called me on the phone while I was in South Carolina.

He asked me if I could photograph his wedding at the local Miramar Court House in South Florida, but then he changed his mind. He asked if I could do his wedding at a park, somewhere more beautiful instead.

I'm so glad he changed his mind, because his wedding turned out to be gorgeous!

I suggested 2 parks, of which he chose Tree Tops. This is one of my favorite places to photograph, because it looks like an enchanted place and I knew he and his future wife were going to love it.

Patrick also needed an officiant, so I remembered on my Instagram a nice lady who followed me and liked my posts. It was a match, because Nadine is super detailed and organized, just like myself, and you can see from the picture bellow how she added such special touch to their ceremony.

Since Patrick and I had never met before, it was so nice meeting him as he arrived very classy and handsome in an ivory and black tux. His bride, Merlyne, looked amazing too, like a Princess for sure!

With the Bride's Dad and sister present, Nadine started the wedding ceremony, as both Bride and Groom could not wait to say their I do's.

Their ceremony was beautiful. They were all surrounded by tall, green trees and the soothing sounds of nature. Being that it was an intimate wedding, my work was completed in less than an hour, but I got to capture many magical moments for the Newlyweds.

The new Mr. and Mrs. were so appreciative and thankful for my service and I couldn't had been more honored to be part of their big day. I hope that when they see their gorgeous photos, they will treasure each memory in their hearts forever.

Congrats once again to Mr. and Mrs. Pluviose and wishing them all the very best! :)

NOTE: These photos were taken with my cell phone.

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