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Gorgeous Wedding Photos at The Ancient Spanish Monastery

A few weeks ago, Chris called me on the phone as he and his future wife, Arissa, were planning to get married and wanted some gorgeous wedding photo keepsakes at The Ancient Spanish Monastery in North Miami Beach, FL

I absolutely love going to the Monastery, because as you know, I love historic, one of a kind places... Well actually, I'm obsessed with them! Lol And having worked there for the past 10 yrs, for countless weddings, I've learned of the many unique spots this magical place has to offer.

(These photos are cell phone screenshots from my camera's screen)

So I met this awesome and super cute couple today, along with the bride's parents.

The couple looked amazing and so did Arissa's parents, who were all dressed to impress!

I was delighted to find out that the bride's mom was actually the couple's Cupid. I mean...

How sweet and cool is this? Arissa's mom and Chris work together...And you know what they say:

"Mom always knows best" , and so she did for her own daughter's happiness! :)

We had beautiful, breezy weather today at the Monastery, so perfect for photos!

I had a real fun time taking them here and there for pics...and they were not shy at all, to do goofy, funny shots, which kept me laughing as I was photographing them.

Big Congrats to Arissa and Chris who exchanged marriage vows on May 16th, 2019 in a private ceremony, and wishing these huge Star Wars fans, all the very best today.

"This is a new day, a new beginning...May their love goes beyond the Death Star, as Together, they can rule the Galaxy"!

Andrea :)

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